• Battle of Tunga Battle of Tunga

    Thakur SURAJ MAL 1768/1787, born 1755, Founded Surajgarh Fort in 1778; one of the most outstanding warriors of his time who led the victorious Rajputs; married the daughter of Kunwar Dip Singh of Dhariawad, and had issue. He died on 28th July 1787 in Battle of Tunga valiantly fighting against the Marathas led by Mahadji Scindhia.

    The decisive battle between Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh of Jaipur and Mahadaji Scindia of the Marathas was fought in the plains of Tunga-Madhogarh on 28th July 1787 The battle started early morning and lasted till sunset. The combined Rajput army of Jaipur and Jodhpur was about 50,000 strong while the Maratha army was larger, with about 80,000 soldiers.

    The Rajput army decisively defeated the Maratha army. In fact the Maratha General, Mahadji Scindia, one of the most gifted military geniuses of the Maratha Army was forced to abandon the battlefield and leave at night. It was his military competence that prevented Tunga from becoming another Panipat.

    The battle of Tunga - Madhogarh was a praise winning event in the life of Sawai Pratap Singh of Jaipur as it was a decisive battle in the series of warfare with the Marathas.